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Our Mission And Practice

At PMRK Law, LLP, our mission is to provide highly experienced, top-quality litigation and advisory services to businesses and entrepreneurs with competitive billing rates, case-management efficiencies and accessibility, and billing arrangements that align client/attorney interests and reward successful outcomes.

Our firm is based in the San Francisco Bay and San Diego areas. We are focused on providing high-level legal services in complex business litigation matters as well as exclusively representing policyholders in advice and insurance recovery litigation matters. We represent business clients in courtrooms and ADR proceedings throughout California.

Our Attorneys: Prestigious Backgrounds And Extensive Experience

Now drawing on more than 45 years of combined experience, attorneys Peter Meringolo and Rebecca Kassekert co-founded PMRK Law in 2015. Prior to founding PMRK Law, Peter and Rebecca worked together for many years on a wide variety of legal matters at the highly reputable and successful law firm of Snyder Miller & Orton LLP, where Peter served as the managing partner for seven years.

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Businesses We Serve

Our firm works with business clients in a wide range of industries, from science and technology to the arts, philanthropic organizations, financial institutions, construction, manufacturing, real estate and professional services. Our clients range from up-and-coming startups to well-established organizations. With every new client, our attorneys invest the time to understand their business as well as the industry, market and legal landscape impacting them.

Squarely On The Side Of Policyholders

In insurance cases, we represent only policyholders, both individual and corporate – never insurance companies. That is rare in the insurance law sector. By doing so, we have honed our skills as strong and effective advocates. Our lawyers understand how to protect clients’ interests and level the playing field when dealing with powerful insurance opponents.

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