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Results-Focused Guidance On Navigating Business Litigation

Business disputes come in all shapes and sizes: an insurance company refuses to pay a claim on a CGL or D&O insurance policy, a business relation breaks a promise or a duty, a competitor uses unfair or unlawful tactics, a vendor or contractor breaches the terms of their agreement, a large home or business is destroyed by wildfire due to the acts of a utility or vegetation management company. Our legal team is well-equipped to handle virtually any commercial dispute.

At PMRK Law, LLP, we have more than 30 years of experience navigating all kinds of business and commercial disputes. Our legal team draws on a large-firm background to provide high-caliber services for business clients across diverse industries. We are well-equipped to protect clients’ interests in California state and federal courts as well as alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including arbitration and mediation.

Proven results in business and commercial disputes: Our attorneys are strong and effective advocates for clients, and we have the results to show for it.

Well-Equipped To Tackle Complex Disputes

Our attorneys have specific experience handling complex business disputes. We consider a matter complex if it involves:

  • Cutting-edge legal issues
  • Difficult damages theories
  • Highly technical factual issues
  • Sophisticated or powerful adversaries

Although we have represented both plaintiffs and defendants, in recent years most of our work has been for plaintiffs. We are strong advocates for clients who seek to right commercial wrongs, to enforce business obligations, or protect their intellectual property.

We thrive in situations where our David is up against their Goliath.

Partner With Us To Address Your Business Litigation Needs

To learn how we can be of assistance to your organization please reach out to us through the website or via phone at 415-949-4076. We have convenient offices in the San Diego area San Francisco Bay Area.