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An innovation, a trademark or a business concept are critical assets to your business. When your intellectual property has been misused or used without your permission, you need an experienced intellectual property lawyer who understands the importance of protecting your ideas.

PMRK Law, LLP, has been practicing intellectual property law in the San Francisco Bay Area for years and can handle complex intellectual property dispute cases. We are not afraid of complicated legal, technical and factual issues. We dedicate our time to helping our clients meet their legal goals and protect their assets.

Understanding Intellectual Property

Intellectual property can take many forms, and each has different protections. Understanding the different types of intellectual property can be confusing and overwhelming. PMRK Law, LLP, can help you determine what kind of intellectual property you have and what protections you may be entitled to.

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets refer to specific, private information that is important to a business because of the competitive advantage it gives a business in its marketplace. If another company steals a trade secret, it could harm the original business. An example of a trade secret is new inventions, recipes and software. Trade secrets can be established by companies actively behaving to demonstrate the desire to protect the secret information. Trade secrets are generally protected without official registration. However, when a trade secret has been breached or stolen, a court may intervene to prevent the use of the trade secret.


A copyright is protection that protects works of authorship, including literary works, music, computer software, architecture and other forms of art. A copyright is automatic; when you create something, it belongs to you. A copyright only must be registered when a lawsuit is filed for infringement.


Trademarks protect phrases, words or symbols that are unique to a product or business. For example, the name and logo of a popular restaurant chain would be protected as a trademark. Trademark rights come from the ongoing use of the trademark and can be held indefinitely by the owner.

No Cutting Corners

With years of experience in intellectual property law, the attorneys at PMRK Law, LLP, have a proven track record of helping clients protect their property and businesses. We believe that a practical approach to every case works to solve problems instead of creating more.

We can help you through the various steps of acting against infringers. We know that a lawsuit isn’t always the first and best option for you, but we are willing to go to court if necessary to protect your property. From writing a cease-and-desist letter to filing a lawsuit in court, you can count on PMRK Law, LLP, to be with you every step of the way.

We will never cut corners in your case. Like your patent or trademarked property, we respect and understand the dedication required to commit yourself to a goal.

Let’s Work Together

PMRK Law, LLP, has extensive experience in intellectual property law in the San Francisco and San Diego areas. We thrive in situations where we can present a sophisticated case to meet our clients’ goals. Contact PMRK Law, LLP, at 415-949-4076 or online to schedule a consultation and get started today.