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Representing Policyholders In Insurance Coverage Disputes

Insurance is a safety net to protect against issues that arise from accidents and losses. What happens when your insurer refuses to cover your claim, or limits the coverages available to you?

Insurance coverage issues can be intimidating and complicated for policyholders. You need an attorney who knows and understands the insurance industry. Our attorneys at PMRK Law, LLP, have years of experience representing policyholders in challenging insurance disputes. We know how to fight, and win, against negligent brokers, agents and insurance companies that won’t pay for your claim. Through alternative dispute resolution methods and litigation, if necessary, we are dedicated to helping our clients meet their legal objectives.

We Know Insurance Policies Inside And Out

Our clients face many different types of insurance disputes. From health insurance to property damage disputes, fighting an insurance company is the last thing you should worry about when facing a difficult situation.

PMRK Law, LLP, can help you with a variety of policyholder insurance coverage issues, including:

  • Analyzing and advising policyholders in coverage options
  • Evaluating potential claims that may trigger coverage
  • Negotiating coverage solutions in the face of a dispute
  • Litigating insurance coverage and bad faith cases

Don’t Face An Insurance Fight Alone

Whether you are facing arbitration, mediation or litigation, our attorneys can help you determine the best path forward. We understand the intricacies of insurance policies and how to interpret confusing insurance language. Contact one of our policyholder insurance attorneys at 415-949-4076 or online to schedule a consultation.